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    BABYSITTER PHONESEX So do you know what my favorite role play is? It is babysitter. I love being the babysitter and you coming home and taking complete advantage of me when you catch me doing something that I shouldnt be doing. Your wife is still out so you take me up to your room and make […]
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    Gawd I love to be spoiled. I had this boyfriend once who every single day he sent me roses. My house looked like a funeral Parlor. I loves it. He would sprinkle roses on the bed when he fucked me and he would fill my bath water with petals as well. I was in heaven. Well […]

Daddy’s little fuck toy

I’d love to be your dirty taboo phone sex slut, catering to your every need & taboo desire. I love role play especially things like daddy’s girl, school girl, babysitter or any instance where there is a much older man and authority figure telling me how I need to please him.

I have always been turned on by older men. I think that is because my daddy taught me well from a really young age. Ever since I can remember I have been pleasing him.

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  • mackenzie says:

    mackenzie would u let daddy put a inflatable ball inside u and blow it up so u would look pregant. and tease daddy with little cut off shirts and little skirts with no painties on

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