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  • Teen Pussy Phonesex with Lourie
    Teen Pussy Phonesex with Lourie Having a Teen Pussy Phonesex session with a guy who has a wild imagination is the greatest!  This one caller asked if I had ever eaten a teen pussy before . . . LOL I have many times & told him so.  After talking for a while, we both agreed […]
  • Small Cock Phonesex with Jaylin
    Small Cock Phonesex with Jaylin Today I had a Small Cock Phonesex session that was actually pretty hot‼  This guy emailed me a script before our call that he said he wanted me to read to him.  It’s pretty damn long & so was our call, but here’s a piece of it:  The janitor gasped, […]
  • Teen Impregnation Phonesex with Lourie
    Teen Impregnation Phonesex with Lourie I am just DYING for a Teen Impregnation Phonesex call after going to the mall today & seeing the most beautiful pregnant girl in the world!  She was about 5 months preggo & just glowed all over.  Her tits were so huge & ripe I couldn’t take my eyes off […]
  • Naughty Little Girl Phonesex with Jaylin
    Naughty Little Girl Phonesex with Jaylin You up for a Naughty Little Girl Phonesex call?  I know I am! So this is the continuation of my blog about the guy I met at the bar . . . I think I left off where he got me so drunk I couldn’t even remember getting into […]
  • Princess Phone Sex with Misti
    Princess Phone Sex I was a pretty pretty princes for Halloween, goes good cus i like Princess Phone Sex – being treated like a trophy makes me oh so wet and in turn makes me want your cock even more! I have no limits and absolutely do it all so pick up your phone and […]
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    Big Tit Phone Sex Have a thirst for Big Tit Phone Sex that you’re just dying to quench? I got the fix for your big breast fetish right here! I love having my sexy barely legal tits licked, sucked, nibbled & twisted. I especially get a lot of pleasure out of getting tit fucked by […]
  • Untitled
    barely legal phonesex I’m just your average, happy barely legal teenage girl next door. I like doing the usual things, going to the mall, partying, hanging out with friends, and cheer leading. You’d never guess by looking at me that I’m really a cock-craving slutty whore! I just can’t seem to get enough cock stuffed […]
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    Big Shemale Cock Phonesex Nothing sounds hotter to me than a man gagging on my massive Big Shemale Cock Phonesex. To have you staring helplessly into my eyes as I rape your throat by pounding my enormous piece of shemale meat so deep down inside your windpipe that you can’t breathe . . . omg […]
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    Mature Phonesex with Sheryl I am a young 40 something MILF with years of experience. This means extreme satisfaction for you! I get very aroused when you open your mind, telling me what you would like to explore. Talking about very taboo subjects makes my panties extremely wet. I especially enjoy it when we cum together! Nothing is […]
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    I was a cheating black trophy wife for Bill in our naughty role play. I finally let him catch me while I was fucking two of our neighbors and he heard me tell them I want to get pregnant. They both have big black cocks and I deserve to have a lover with a big […]
  • Sinful babysitter - BABYSITTER PHONESEX
    BABYSITTER PHONESEX So do you know what my favorite role play is? It is babysitter. I love being the babysitter and you coming home and taking complete advantage of me when you catch me doing something that I shouldnt be doing. Your wife is still out so you take me up to your room and […]
  • Extreme Age Play Phone Sex
    mmmmmmmmmmm…. I had the hottest call with my fvorite Daddy G. I love to be daddy’s good submissive anal slut. He shares me with his friends and tells then I am his barely legal fuck slut. I am the hottest taboo teasing coed you will ever meet. I love sucking cock and cream pies! Are […]
  • Naughty Neighbor Phonesex
    Naughty Neighbor Phonesex So the neighbor boy came over last night. We had some fun. I finally let him fuck me. He loved every minuet of it. It was so funny because he asked me where did I want him to cum. Well when I said he could cum anywhere he wanted he pulled out […]
  • Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Pandora
    I know it has been awhile since I blogged, but I have been so busy sucking cock. I am not talking just the average ones, but the HUGE nasty meat poles. I like them big. You guys all know that I am a size queen. I just can’t get enough slippery sperm shooting down my […]
  • Sugar Daddy Phone Sex
    Gawd I love to be spoiled. I had this boyfriend once who every single day he sent me roses. My house looked like a funeral Parlor. I loves it. He would sprinkle roses on the bed when he fucked me and he would fill my bath water with petals as well. I was in heaven. […]

Daddy’s little fuck toy

I’d love to be your dirty taboo phone sex slut, catering to your every need & taboo desire. I love role play especially things like daddy’s girl, school girl, babysitter or any instance where there is a much older man and authority figure telling me how I need to please him.

I have always been turned on by older men. I think that is because my daddy taught me well from a really young age. Ever since I can remember I have been pleasing him.

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  • mackenzie says:

    mackenzie would u let daddy put a inflatable ball inside u and blow it up so u would look pregant. and tease daddy with little cut off shirts and little skirts with no painties on

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