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  • Dirty feet phone sex
    Dirty feet phone sex, i know it sounds “dirty” but Daddy loves getting off by sniffing and jerking on my sweaty little feet, isn’t that the funniest thing you’ve ever heard??? I have to giggle when daddy leans down and looks at my little feet after i come home and take my tennis shoes off. […]
  • Anal Phone Sex Slut
    I am an anal phone sex slut more than most people know, well, until they get me in the sack and then I am begging to have my asshole reamed out!! It all started out when daddy raped my ass and no, I did not like it when he did that but after awhile I […]
  • Babysitter Phone Sex
    Babysitter Phone Sex I love Babysitter Phone Sex so Come and bang my tight teen coed twat, take me rough and hard or nice and easy, it doesn’t matter whichever way you prefer. I love sex rough and love it gentle, so this girl can handle it pretty much anyway you dish it out to […]
  • Choking Phone Sex with Alissa.
    Choking Phone Sex with Alissa. If you enjoy choking phone sex calls and need the perfect submissive teen girl then you should call me! I really get off on the thought of someone’s hands around my neck, and just at that point of passing out I reach orgasm.  I can’t wait to hear you describe […]
  • Rape Abuse Phone Sex – Lonely Hitchhiker
    Rape Abuse Phone Sex – Lonely Hitchhiker I have this Rape Abuse Phone Sex fantasy where I’m hitchhiking on a dark road. A car with a big strong man inside pulls up and gives me a ride. He takes me to a secluded place in the woods, drags me out of the car, and makes me […]
  • Sexual confessional with Hope
    Sexual Confessional Do you have a Sexual Confessional? Something you need to confess?  These calls are also popular, where guys have fantasies or experiences they simply can’t share with anyone in their lives, if there’s even anyone to share anything with. Many that have had same sex experiences have no one to share that with, and often […]
  • Asian Princess for Phonesex
    Asian Princess for Phonesex Are you looking for a kinky Asian Princess for Phonesex?  Look no further. I am the girl of your dreams. I have beautiful long thick black hair, soft smooth skin and beautiful real 34C breasts. My pussy is silky soft and shaved for easy licking access. I do love to role […]
  • GFE Phonesex experience
    GFE Phonesex experience Are you looking for a GFE Phonesex experience? I adore callers who just want to talk and get to know one another. Some seeking an online girlfriend, love to have longer calls, getting all lovely dovey and tell me how much they love me and like to hear I love them back. […]
  • big tit phonesex
    Big tit phonesex I totally love it when guys call me up for steamy talk and love doing Big tit phonesex calls. I love nothing more then a guy groping and playing with my massive melons! My Nipples get very perky when I get all excited. I would like for you to tell me every detail […]
  • Bust My Cherry Phone Sex
    Bust My Cherry Phone Sex Bust My Cherry Phone Sex, I want my teen virgin cherry popped so much.. I cant stand the fake feeling of my lil dildo anymore. I don’t want fingers, I want that fat dick, you have. I wish one of the guys at my school would just force their dick […]
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  • Sinful babysitter – BABYSITTER PHONESEX
    BABYSITTER PHONESEX So do you know what my favorite role play is? It is babysitter. I love being the babysitter and you coming home and taking complete advantage of me when you catch me doing something that I shouldnt be doing. Your wife is still out so you take me up to your room and […]
  • Extreme Age Play Phone Sex
    mmmmmmmmmmm…. I had the hottest call with my fvorite Daddy G. I love to be daddy’s good submissive anal slut. He shares me with his friends and tells then I am his barely legal fuck slut. I am the hottest taboo teasing coed you will ever meet. I love sucking cock and cream pies! Are […]
  • Naughty Neighbor Phonesex
    Naughty Neighbor Phonesex So the neighbor boy came over last night. We had some fun. I finally let him fuck me. He loved every minuet of it. It was so funny because he asked me where did I want him to cum. Well when I said he could cum anywhere he wanted he pulled out […]
  • Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Pandora
    I know it has been awhile since I blogged, but I have been so busy sucking cock. I am not talking just the average ones, but the HUGE nasty meat poles. I like them big. You guys all know that I am a size queen. I just can’t get enough slippery sperm shooting down my […]

Naughty Granny Marlene Gang Bang

Granny Incest Fantasy

Granny Incest Fantasy

Here is a Granny Incest Fantasy for you! 

I threw a “very special ” party for my grandson”s 21st Birthday this week. I don”t have to tell you how much I love my Grand daughter and Grandson. We have always been “very close and loving”. Well, my Granddaughter invited some close friends from college to help celebrate. Andrew has always been on the shy side when it comes to meeting people. We decided to have the party out by the pool It being such a beautiful night here and all. Well, when you have 3 kegs of beer and an open bar with 18-20 year olds It doesn’t take long for things to get wild!

We decided to play spin the bottle with a twist… whoever it pointed at had to lose all their clothes! I am just standing off to the side watching these lovely young people laughing and playing in the pool, When the next thing I know my grandson points the bottle at me laughing saying”Cmon Granny your turn!!

Well, I”ve never been a shy one so I stripped and climbed in. Next thing I know, I’m grabbed by two lovely well endowed young men who yelled to my grandson,”Your Granny is hot” Andrew replied ”You better know it!” Next thing I know my pussy, ass and tits are being ravished all night long in what turned out to be the gang bang party of the year!

Till next time…Marlene Luvs ya baby!

Marlene 1-888-666-9340

Spoiled phonesex girl

cadance (24)Spoiled Phone Sex Girl Cadance

Spoiled phonesex girl, yup i am!Did you miss me yesterday guys? I went out Friday night and got L-U-C-K-Y… So lucky that I just got home about an hour and a half ago. Yeah, I know its Sunday morning. So what? I went out the other night with some girlfriends of mine and we were at this club. This sexy, older guy came up and asked if he could buy me a drink, and I said yes in a second. There’s something so sexy about an older, confident, MARRIED man traveling on business that turns me on. It could have been the fact that I could have a rich guy spoil me silly for the better half of a weekend, or the fact that he made me the most interesting proposition I’ve had in a long time. Spoiled phonesex girl – Wanna know more? I’ve gotta tell you THAT On the phone…but suffice it to say, it took three trips back and forth between my car and house to bring in all the “presents” he bought me for the time I spent with him.  He got his money’s worth, and trust me, it was a LOT of money.  Money can’t buy you love, the old song says, but it COULD buy you a little bit of time with me. I may be spoiled, but I’m SO worth spoiling! Spoiled phonesex girl. Want to be my new little money pig? First, don’t be cheap, secondly DO NOT BE POOR, and lastly…be generous. I deserve it. 

Spoiled phonesex girl Cadance

Hot teen phonesex with Makayla

hot teen phonesexhot teen phonesex

Doing hot teen phonesex lets me express all of my nasty little kinky fantasies. I am not shy on the phone by any means. I am very vocal and love roleplays. I wanna play with you right now, you pick the fantasy!

I can be your little stripper who teases you but u never get to touch. Maybe I am you neighbor who masturbates right in front of the window, I know your watching and that makes it even more fun. We can take your hot teen phonesex fantasy anywhere you want to go! I have no limits and no restrictions!

Makayla – Cum Play!
Call me at:  1-888-666-9340

cbt phone sex

I have a dark side. The side that makes you afraid to sleep at night. The one that smacks you in the back of the head when you stop think of me. That is my hand and I have it around your balls. Want me to squeeze tighter. Call me.


I am a pedo phone sex dream Dimples

Do you want to push those dirty little fantasies that little bit further while having a naughty pedo phone sex chat? I want you to be so fuck filthy with me, telling me every secret that you have in that filthy mind of yours. I want you to shoot your load harder than you have ever done before, and chatting to me about those fantasies that have remained dormant in your mind until now will make you realize that you’re not on your own. I too love to have phonesex about things Mommy wouldn’t approve of. I am a pedo phone sex dream, and I want you to be a filthy fucking pervert with me.


Teen Phone sex is always Hot!
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Bella – Phone sex to the max

bella (24)

I love playing really naughty on the phone. I am the kind of girl who just can’t keep her hands out of her tight wet cunt. I need to masturbate at least 5 times a day. My pussy aches if it doesn’t cum. I get urges to play with my wet spot all kinds of places like college, church or even at walmart 🙂 I just slip in the bathroom and finger fuck myself until I cream.  I love the fact that I may even get caught. I love getting caught! I love pretty much any type of role play on my hot phone sex line, so dial my toll free number and lets play!


Red head phonesex with Autumn

I spoke to Joe today. Joe loves my red hair, and my little girlish body.  He loves my perfect tits, and my hot shaved pussy. I’m a firey girl, and I can rock your world. I want to help you act out your wildest fantasies. I’m always ready to get you off. Listen to me suck and fuck, and I know you’ll be cumming back for more.
taboo unlimited AUTUMN

Submissive phone sex with Linnea

I'm ready to serve my Master

Hello guys or should I address you as Sir? I am Linnea and I just love being a submissive little phone sex slut, pleasing a man in any possible way that I can.

Nothing is off limits with me, i enjoy being used for a mans personal pleasure and hope to become his favorite submissive little fuck toy.

Role plays & Fantasies: daddys & daughter incest -rape-gangbangs -interracial-extreme taboo phone sex -impregnation phone sex -accomplice phone sex ( I love helping my Master get girls to play with) & pretty much anything else you enjoy playing on the phone.


I’m your no limits, any age goes girl to play with!

No matter what the role play is, underage fantasy is hot and I’m your no limits, any age goes girl to play with!

Your little Dimples knows just how to be that sweet little innocent girl who wants to do anything to make you happy, or the innocent girl you take advantage of. I can be the bitchy little girl you want to teach a lesson to, the slutty little girl that Daddy taught to be so good to his friends too, just to name a few things we can do.

The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to find out what your favorite age play is and have fun with you too!

Call your fav slut Dimples for teen phonesex!

Check me out in the chatroom too!

Cum with the babysitter


I’m the naughty babysitter from your dirty dreams, I can set up the perfect scenario for us I’ll be up for any age and anything you want to do with it.

Just think of me as the perfect girl to make your dirty dreams come true, Anything goes for me baby taboo and age-play are all my expertees.

Maybe you come home only to find me in your tub that’s in your bedroom all bubbly and masturbating, would you like that and what would you do if you found me that way?

So go ahead and give me a call so when can start our dirty night already!



Shemale phonesex

TS Mariah

This shemale wants to play!

Shemale phonesex… I need some nice warm lips to suck my cock and take care of my every need. I have nice firm round breasts, nice tight ass wich loves to be fucked real hard. But on the other side, I have a big hard cock that needs some attention. Wanna help me with that???? I need lots of Shemale phonesex help with my cock. It requires a lot of attention.

TS Mariah

Bella’s feeling extra kinky today!

bella (18)

What is it about phone sex that makes me just want to wiggle and squirm? Aside from the fact that when my fingers are working and rubbing inside my juicy pink folds the way it makes me feel?  Listen close and I’ll tell you a secret.  I love getting off with new and strange and different guys all the time!

Working my favorite dildo or my fingers inside of me when I’m talking to one of you give me as much pleasure as it does you.  And here at this company, all of us girls LOVE getting off. We’re not like some of those companies who fake it? Nope, we’re really getting off as much as you are. And don’t you want that? Just sitting here writing about it is making me all squirmy.

I think I’m gonna go play with one of my dildo’s now. If you ring while I’m busy, don’t mind the moaning and panting while I’m answering the phone.  ((wink))


Foot Fetish Phonesex

Foot Fetish PhonesexFoot Fetish Phonesex

Do you enjoy Foot Fetish Phonesex? Then I am your girl, especially right now… I’m in need of a little foot, toe and arch sucking tonight and I need some one to help me do it, And if I may say so myself I always keep my feet neat a and pretty and pink baby.

If you want me to I don’t mind rubbing your cock with my pretty little feet baby until you give me a hue cum load all over them! So pick up that phone baby and give me a call so we and play footsie all night long on our Foot Fetish Phonesex call!


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Kinky Phonesex teen

Kinky Phonesex teen

Kinky Phonesex teen

I am your Kinky Phonesex teen  better known to all of you as KINKY lil kinsey, and if you have called me then you know how nasty I can get with you  over the phone and how I like to play with my lil pussy, masturbate and cum just for you and you and you (giggle).

I have been away but I’m back and really looking forward to play with all you nasty bad boy’s, I love it all age play, strapons, pre-teen, girl next door, bosses greedy daughter who needs to be taught a lesson, or any other fantasies you like, just make it nasty and kinky.

Call me, your Kinky Phonesex teen – I’m waiting in my bedroom for you!


Extreme Fucking Phone Sex

Extreme Fucking Phone Sex

Extreme Fucking Phone Sex

YES, Extreme Fucking Phone Sex is what I am all about. I am seriously craving you big fat fuck pole sliding into my wet pussy slowly, till you feel the button way in the back. Then I want you to hold it there, and start to slowly grind it deeper and deeper. Give me that dick and pretend I’m anyone you want me to be. I’m feeling more than a little extreme today. You know the phrase… how low can you go?

Well, revise it in your head and let’s see how “low” we can go, if you know what I mean. I’m feeling filthy and I want to put on my pretty little white ruffly panties and pretend to be you “you know what” while you pull my little nightie over my head and plunder my little smooth pussy. Extreme Fucking Phone Sex and Yep, daddy’s dirtiest little girl is feeling even dirtier today. IF you get my drift?


Screaming will only make you madder?

Click to view full size image

I have always fantasized about being raped. I need a guy like you to call me for some phone sex and help me play out my rape fantasy! In my rape phone sex scenario I’m home all alone and I can hear someone walking around the house, the back door knob jiggles but the door is locked, I go to the back door to see what it is and the door gets broken down!

It’s a large strong man in a mask, you grab me and start ripping my clothes off! I’m helpless to your strength! You pick me up and throw me onto the kitchen table, I’m so scared I can’t move, can’t yell out, what do I do?

Screaming will only make you madder?  Help me finish this wild rape phone sex fantasy! Call me now!


nasty phonesex negro

nasty phonesex negro

nasty phonesex negro

Let me be your nasty phonesex negro, I can be your naughty fucking submissive girl and I know some of you guys have slave and phone sex master fantasies, where you own a plantation and seduce one of your little black slave girls and force her to do whatever that hard cock desires.

And I’m sure you’ve tiptoed around the issue so as not to offend, but you don’t have to be afraid to go there with me. I am a big fan of interracial fantasies and I’d love to be your nasty phonesex negro wench, who’s pussy you take against my will.

And I might pretend not to like it, but you know deep down inside we both want it, don’t we?

Alesha, nasty phonesex negro

pussy licking phonesex

pussy licking phonesex

Pussy Licking Phonesex

Pussy licking phonesex fun! I am freshly shaven, nice and smooth. That’s right, stick out your tongue and let me ride it like it was your cock. I love having my pussy licked. Lick it fast and then slow down, don’t be afraid to use your fingers.

I love it when you like me to squirt all over your face and to drown you in my sweet and sticky yummy cum. Lick every drop and beg for more!

Call me so you can tell me how good you will eat this kitty and i will return the oral favor 😉

Dakota – Pussy licking phonesex fun

4th of july special

Cindy Pagan

Special – 20 Minutes for only $35

From now until July 6th. 

Come play with us. 

Can be doubled – 40min for $70.00

***Skye Loves Blow jobs***

Click to view full size image

I bet your wondering whats under my satin black panties, Lets just say a very wet and tight pussy is waiting for you to start licking it. But I know that one taste of my wet black pussy will get that cock of yours nice and hard

And of course I’m going to give you really nice blow job and even better if you fuck my pussy like your supposed to and make me scream for it. I’ll let you give me a big cum load right on this pretty face.


Daddys Cock is Yummy

dimples (202)

I just got done playing with daddy, boy did I fuck him really good and make him cum tons!!! I just love playing with daddy cause I know how much it excites him to fuck his little girl.

I crawled in bed with him and next thing I knew we were touching each other then daddy was inside my tight little pussy.

Thanks Daddy


yahoo: darlingdimples4taboo

Black Servant Phone sex

 Ebony Phone Sex PrincessEbony Phone Sex Princess

Do you want a black princess who loves a mouth full of cum all the time, Well daddy you have found your match I love cum everyday and in every way.

I know I can make you feel good all over daddy, and that means be your little servant if that’s the case. I’m here to serve you and your wonderful white cock, So give me a call and start controlling me already!


Ebony Phone Sex Blogs

Mariah’s hard candy!

Phone Sex TrannyPhone Sex Tranny Mariah has a BIG SECRET to share with you.  

A nice surprise that will keep you occupied for hours when you call!

 Something real special for you to play with and enjoy in so many different ways on our HOT TS Phone Sex Call.   You won’t be able to resist a taste of Tranny Mariah’s hard candy!  You’ll be begging for more and more!

TS Mariah
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Two girl phone sex

Two girl phone sex

Today Violet and I got a special treat. We were both talking to a gentleman in the chatroom at the same time, and he got so turned on that he decided to have us both in a two girl call.

It was so great to hear Violet urging me to fuck a guy harder and harder with my huge strap on while she rode his cock, and moaned in ecstasy. I love playing with boys and girls. I love fucking a man and a woman at once. hell, I just love SEX!
Let’s have a naughty Two girl phone sex Orgy!

Tasha & Violet